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A Few Words From Our Customers

'60 Fender Super  As a pro harp player searching for the ultimate harp tone, I've owned and collected dozens of amps. My favorite amp for the last 25 years has been my 1960 brown 210 Fender Super. This amp has always sounded great.  Then I met Dale at DJL Vintage Audio who installed a "harp friendly" tone mod that has turned my Super into what I consider  the best sounding harp amp I've ever heard - Period !!  I would  put my amp up against ANY other amp on the market today and be confident that it would blow most of them away.  Donít spend thousands of dollars buying "the next big thing" when you could let Dale transform your favorite amp into a "Holy Grail" because Dale KNOWS Tone !!!! 

Mike "Wezo" Wesolowski

Hohner Endorsee

Blues World Order

Mesa Triple Rectifier One of my wisest purchases and most enduring tone-machines, often central to my sound as a guitarist. Needless to say, I would be apprehensive handing it over for work to just anybody. Dale at DJL has so far been the first and only technician to open this amp up, and after putting in a bias adjust and tuning up my amp to push the power section warm and sweet, this amp is sounding better than when I bought it. I made the right tube choice when I replaced the original set but Dale showed me what I was missing by not having them professionally biased.  Ampeg V4B My second experience with DJL  (not counting all the afternoon trips to test-drive speakers) was having my early 70's Ampeg V4 re-capped and re-tubed. It had never been cranked and I was unaware how close to the edge the power supply was. After, this amp is epitomized sonic authority. Pushing this amp to just 12 o'clock melts the faces that have yet to leave the room with solid, vintage volume and tone. Dale knows his stuff and is infinitely amiable and approachable, making him ideal if music is your life and gear is your passion.

Austin Karp
Greensboro, NC

Marshall 100W Super Lead Head  Thanks for restoring my vintage 1970 Marshall 100 watt Super Lead Head to its classic vintage tone.  This amp never sounded better.  I appreciated the time you took to listen to it before and after the overhaul to be sure I was satisfied.  I wish we had met long ago and look forward to doing business with you again.



Lee Flippin

Musician, teacher, consultant & collector

Clemmons, NC

Alamo Model 3  

Over the past few years, Dale has worked on several vintage tube amps for me including a 1965 Alamo Model 3, which I use for harmonica. He also recently added a slave box to it so I can drive larger amps if needed. I've had this crunchy blues harp sound rolling around in my head since college (the mid-70's), and Dale made that sound come to life through that old Alamo amp. Other projects included tweaking the tone of a 1966 Premier Twin 8, and some sound advice regarding what not to do to a 1972 Fender Vibro Champ. With all of these projects I have been very happy with the price, turnaround time, and most of all the tone results.


Johnny Williams

Fuquay-Varina, NC

Laney AOR100

Many, many thanks for the work you did on my modified AOR 100, it sounds amazing. Quick, quality service (that is local) canít beat it!  Look forward to doing more business with you at DJL. Oh yeah, thanks for showing me the Klotz guitar cable.... made a huge difference in tone and clarity. Thanks again!!


Matt Briggs  

Triad Sound Solutions

Marshall JPM MKII  Wow, this amp rocks now!  The mods you added to the power supply and tone stack are the ticket. It's bullet proof and screams...that's what I'm talk'n about.  Thanks

Biff Meznik  -  Brighton, MI

Crate VC50H I used it for a show the same day I picked it up.  Background buzz was gone and it performed perfectly.  My bandmates were surprised at the sound when I first powered up.  They said it sounded "different" but better than before.  It had PLENTY of headroom and I was only using a 16ohm 2-12 cabinet.  I had several "gear heads" come up to me both Friday and Saturday night and ask me about what type of amp I was using.  I also had a guitar player who plays in a big-time band in Charlotte come up to me and say that my rig sounded, "phenomenal!"  In addition, the club's DJ who spins between band sets, who is also a player, told me that he has heard hundreds of rig's come in and out of their place, and said mine sounded, "as good as ANY rig that has been in there".  I think that says something!   

Thanks Again, Matt Koonts

Mesa Triple Rectifier  I would like to personally thank DJL services and staff for exceptional services on my High performance 150 watt Triple Rectifier !  Once again this hand built, High Gain menace breathes fire with finesse!  The boutique tone is deep, more lush and tighter. As a customer I can say, the kind of service you have been waiting for is here. Component quality, friendly staff and vast hands on experience is something that I rely on . I was well taken care of and very pleased. 

Many thanks again,  you are sincerely appreciated!
Keith Stutts  Ramseur, N.C.

Marshall JCM900 SL-X  I was very impressed with the top notch quality repair work. Dale listened to what the problems were and hit the nail on the head. My amp can now be biased properly within the correct range that it was intended for, he repaired very quickly and went through what was done to fix it in detail. I recommend DJL because they understand electronics and have great customer service. 


Thanks again

Don Rorer, NC

Seeburg Jukebox (1947)  Thanks for the great work on the old trash can!  

Larry Leonard  -  Advance, NC


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