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Ask About Our Harp Amp Mods - Could Be Added To Your Tube Amp!

Our specialty is the repair, modification and restoration of vintage guitar tube amplifiers


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Many tube amps can be modified for killer harp tone, contact us for more information about the different models and modification packages we offer.



Ultimate Speaker

Demo Cabinet

Did you ever go into a candy store and wonder what it would be like to taste every one?  

You can in our demo room!  We feature a great selection Eminence, Kendrick, and other speakers, housed in their own semi open back enclosure.  We can compare any two speakers or any two combinations of speakers in real-time, utilizing a Tonebone Cabbone A/B selector and custom series/parallel combo adaptor.    Bring in your amp to dial in the ultimate speaker compliment! 



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5B3, 5C3, 5D3, 5E3, 5E3-A Layout Only, 6G3, 6G3-A, AA763, AB763, Deluxe Reverb, AA763, AB763, AB868, A1172, A1270, CBS 77-79 Vol/Boost, Deluxe Reverb II,  ,  Harvard, 5F10, 6G10, K & F (Kauffman & Fender), 1x8 Combo, 1x10 Combo, Musicmaster Bass, CFA-7010, PA Heads, PA100, PA100 w/ rev sw, PA135, PA Horn Crossover, Princeton, Woodie, 5B2, 5C2, 5D2, 5E2, 5F2, 5F2-A, 6G2, 6G2-A, AA964, CBS Princeton, Princeton Reverb, AA1164 (GZ34), AA1164 (5U4GB), B1270, 78-79 Vol/Boost, Princeton Rev II, Pro, Woodie Pro 1946, 5A5, 5B5, 5C5, 5D5, 5E5, 5E5-A, 5E5-B, 5G5, 6G5, 6G5-A, AA763, AB763, Pro Reverb, AA165, AA270, AA1009, AA1069, AA1265, AB668, Ultralinear, cbs 45w MstrVol, cbs 70w MstrVol, PS Series, PS160, PS300, PS400, Quadreverb, 100W, 100W Master Vol., 135W Ultralinear, CFA7104, Reverb Unit, 6G15, CBS Rev Unit, FR1000 (Solid State), RGP Rackmount Preamp, RGP-1, RPW Rackmount Poweramp, RPW-1, Showman - 12/15/Double, 6G14, 6G14-A, Showman - 12/15/Dual, AA763, Showman - 15/Dual, AB763, AB568, 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The 1st Marshall, 1961 Lead 45w, 1962 Bass & Lead 45w (Bluesbreaker), 1963 PA 45w, 1985 PA 45w, 1986 Bass 45w, 1987/T Lead 45w, 1989 Organ 45w, JTM-50 Series, 1961 Lead 50w, 1962 Bass & Lead 50w, 1963 PA 50w, 1985 PA 50w, 1986 Bass 50w, 1987/T Lead 50w, 1989 Organ 50w, JTM-100 Series, 1959 Super Lead 100w, 1959T Lead-Trem 100w, 1968 Super PA 100w, 1992 Super Bass 100w, 1992T Super Bass/Tremolo 100w, Major Series, "The Pig" 200w, 200w, 1966 PA 200w, 1967 Lead 200w, 1978 Bass 200w, 18-Watt Series, 1958 18w, 1973 Lead & Bass 18w, 1974 Lead & Bass Schem 18w, 1974 Lead & Bass Layout 18w, 20-Watt Series, 1917 PA 20w, 1958 Lead 20w, 1973 Lead & Bass 20w, 1974 Lead & Bass 20w, 2019 20w, 2022/T Lead 20w, 2061 Lead & Bass 20w, JMP Series, 1930 Popular 10w, 1959 Lead 50w, 1959 Super Lead 100w, 1959T Lead-Trem 100w, 1961 Lead 50w, 1962 Lead & Bass 50w, 1963 PA 50w, 1964 Lead & Bass 50w, 1968 Super PA 100w, 1985 PA 50w, 1986 Bass 50w, 1987 50w, 1987T Tremolo 50w, 1989 Organ 50w, 1992 Super Bass 100w, 1992T Super Bass Tremolo 100w, 2002 Master PA 50w, 2003 Master PA 100w, 2046 Specialist 25w, 2060 Mercury 5w, 2078 Lead 100 100w, 2098 Lead 100w, 2099 Bass 100w, 2100 Lead & Bass 50w, 2103 MV Lead 100w, 2104 MV Lead 50w, 2144 MV 50w, 2150 Powercell 100w, 2159 Super Lead 100w, 2187 Lead 50w, 2195 Bass 100w, 2199 MasterLead 30w, 2200 Master Lead 100w, 2201 Lead & Bass 30w, 2203 MasterVol 100w, 2204 MasterVol 50w, 2299 Master Lead Reverb 30w, 2959 Lead 100w, 4140 Club&Country 100w, 4145 Club&Country 100w, 4150 Club&Country Bass 100w,  ,  Artiste Series, 2040 Artiste 50w, 2048 50w, 2068 100w, 2000 Series, 2000 Lead 250w, 2001 Bass 375w, JCM-800 Series, 1959 SuperLead 100w, 1959a SuperLead 100w, 1986 Bass 50w, 1987 Lead 50w, 1992 Super Bass 100w, 2203 Lead MasterVol 100w, 2204 Lead MasterVol 50w, 2205 SplitChan 50w, 2210 SplitChan 100w, 4001 Studio-15 15w, 4010 50w, 4103 100w, 4104 50w, 4140 Club&Country 100w, 4145 Club&Country 100w, 4150 Club&Country Bass 100w, 4203 Artist 30w, 4210 SplitChan Rev 50w, 4211 Split/Chan Reverb 100w, 4212 Split/Chan Reverb 50w, IBS Series, 3505 Bass 30w, 3510 Bass 100w, 3520 Bass 200w, 3530 Bass 300w, 3540 Bass 400w, 3560 Bass 600w, 5501 Bass 12 12w, 5502 Bass 20 20w, 5503 Bass 30w, 5506 Bass 60w, 5510 Bass 100w, 5520 Bass 160w, 5522 Bass 200w, 6010 Bass Slave 100w, 6020 Bass Slave 200w, 6040 Bass Slave 400w, Mini-Stack Series, 2204S 50w, 3203 Artist 30w, 3210 100w, 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee, 2550 25w/50w, 2553 25w/50w, 2554 25w/50w, 2555 50w/100w, 2558 25w/50w, 1988 Reissues, 1959S Super Lead 100w, 1987S Super Lead 50w ,  9000 Series, 9001 Preamp, 9004 Preamp, 9005 Poweramp 2x 50w, 9040 Poweramp 2x 200w, 9060 Poweramp 2x 300w, 9100 2x 50w, 9200 2x 100w, JCM-900 Series, 2100/01 MasterVol 100w, 2500/01/02 MasterVol 50w, 4100/01/02 DualReverb 100w, 4500/01/02 DualReverb 50w, JTM-900 SL-X Series, 2100/01 SL-X 100w, 2500/01/02 SL-X 50w, 30th Anniversary, 6100/01 100w, 6100/01 LE 100w, JMP-1 Series, 6100 100w, DBS Series, 7200 200w, 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Bass, EA-300RVT Embassy, EA-500T, EH Series, EH-100 50's, EH-100 60's, EH-125, EH-150, EH-160, EH-185, EH-195, Maestro Series, M-1RVT, M-201, M-216RVT, Medalist Series, Titan 1-3-5, Titan 5, Titan Medalist, Mercury Medalist, Mercury I & II, Duo Medalist, Atlas Medalist, Super 20 Medalist, Guitar Series, Clavioline, Falcon, KEH, KEH-R, Reverb 12, TR-1000rvt, Bass Series, Atlas IV Bass, BA-15rv, GTR-600, Thor Bass, BR Series, BR-1, BR-3, BR-4, BR-6, BR-6F, BR-9, AC Series, AC4 - 1960, AC10 - 1960, AC10 - 1960-B, AC10 - tube layout diagram - 1960, AC-15, AC15 - 1959, AC15 - 1960, AC15 preamp - 1996+, AC15 - poweramp - 1996+, AC-30 Poweramp, AC30 standard non top boost model - 1960, AC30 top boost mod - 1961, AC30 topboost preamp, AC30 bass model - 1964, AC30 top boost Dallas model - 1970's, AC30 top boost - 1978, AC30 SS solid state model - 1970's, AC30 top boost - 1986, AC30 top boost - 1989, AC30 top boost standard model - 1990, AC30 top boost Limited Ed model - 1990, AC30 top boost Vintage w/ reverb - 1992, AC30 top boost RI poweramp - 1993+, AC30 top boost RI preamp - 1993+, AC50 - 1965, AC50 - 1976, AC-50, AC-50 Poweramp, AC100 - 1965, AC-100 Poweramp, AC120 - mid 1970's, Venue Range, 100w poweramp - Lead/ Bass - 1985, 100w poweramp - Keyboard/PA120 - 1985, 200w poweramp - PA200 - 1985, 100w poweramp - early 1984, Lead 100 preamp - 1984, Bass 100 preamp - 1984, GT100 preamp - 1984, Dual 100 preamp - 1984, Keyboard& PA120/PA200 preamp - 1984, Lead 50 - 1984, Bass 50 - 1984, Lead 30 - 1984, Bass 30 - 1984 , Berkley Series, Berkley Preamp, Berkley Poweramp, Berkley Poweramp, Berkley II Manual, Cambridge Series, Cambridge Reverb, Pacemaker Series, Pacemaker, Q-Series, Lead 100 preamp stage - 1987, Lead 100 preamp stage - 1987-B, Bass 100 preamp stage - 1987, Bass 100 preamp stage - 1987-B, Keyboard 50 preamp - 1987, Poweramp 100/60/50 watt - 1987, Poweramp 100/60/50 watt - 1987-B, 1960's Amplifiers, T60 - 1965, Foundation Bass poweramp 50w - 1969, Defiant poweramp 50w - 1969, Super Foundation Bass pwramp 100w - 1969, Supreme poweramp 100w - 1969, Super Foundation Bass preamp - 1969, Dynamic/Foundation preamp - 1969, Conqueror/Defiant/Supreme preamp - 1969, SS PA 100 (SSPA100) 100w - late 1960's, SS PA 50 (SSPA50) 50w - late 1960's, Midas 100 solid state 100w - late 1960's, Midas 50 solid state 50w - late 1960's, SS PA 100 100 watt- late 1960's, SS Midas 100w - late 1960's, 1970's Amplifiers, Escort Lead 30 - late 1970's, Escort Bass 50 - late 1970's, Escort Mains/Battery - late 1970's, 1980's Amplifiers, V125 Lead Valve head - 1981, V125 Climax combo - 1981, V125 Bass valve head input stage - 1981, V15 valve combo - 1981, Super Twin - 1981, Vox Busker - mid 1980's, Concert 100 valve head - mid 1980's, Concert 501 valve combo 50w - mid 1980's, Studio .22 Caliber, Studio .22 Caliber Plus, Studio .50 Caliber, 50-50 Stereo, Bass 400, Blue Angel, D-180 Power Amp, Dual Caliber DC-3, Dual Caliber DC-5, Dual Caliber DC-5B, Dual Rectifier, Heart Breaker, Lonestar,  ,  Mark I, Mark I Reissue, Mark II, Mark II-B, Mark II-C+, Mark III, Mark IV, Maverick, Nomad 45, Nomad 55, Nomad 100, Quad Preamp,  ,  SOB (Son of Boogie), Solo-50 Rectoverb, Stereo Simul-Class 2:90, Strategy 400, Studio Caliber DC-2, Studio Caliber Preamp, Subway Blues, Subway Rocket Reverb, Tremoverb, Triaxis, V-Twin Overdrive Pedal, Aims, Producer 120, Alamo, Capri 2360, Fiesta, Jet 2564, Montclair, Aircastle, 79A, Airline/Wards, 62-8500S, 62-9023, 62-9025A, GDR-8502A, GDR-8511A, GDR-8512A, GDR-8513A, GDR-8514A/15A, GDR-8516A, GDR-8517A, GDR-8518A, GDR-9012A, GIM-9111A, GIM-9131A, GIM-9151A, GIM-9171A, GVC-9002A, GVC-9003A, GVC-9017A, GVC-9019A, GVC-9027A, GVC-9045A, GVC-9046A, GVC-9048A, GVC-9049A, GVC-9052A, GVC-9056A, GVC-9058A, GVC-9060A, GVC-9061A, GVC-9062A, GVC-9064A, GVC-9090A/9091A, Ashton, VP-50, VP-50H, VP-100, Austrovox, B-150, Deluxe 50, Burman, Pro 501 Preamp, Calsel, C-12W, Danelectro, DM-25, Centurian 275, Century 30, Commando, Envoy, Special, Twin 15, Dickerson, MOTS Lapsteel 1946, Dynacord, Bass King, Eminent, Eminent MV46, Eminent 1, Eminent 1T, Eminent 2, Eminent 2T, Excellent, GiGant, Earth, SuperBass B-2000, SuperGuitar G=2000, StageMaster PA-2000, Eastern, Guitar Amp, Ekosonic, 120-S, Elektar, 1940's model, Century 30-DR, Century 60-DR, Spartan 65-R, Spartan Bass 60, Tube 10, Tube 30, Zephyr, Electromuse, Model 3, Electroplex, Rocket-50, Rocket-100, ENGL, Blackmore sig100, E-335, E-530, Fireball, Powerball, RB-100 Preamp, Savage 120, Screamer 50 E330-II, Fonica, W-701, Garnet, B90L Lil'Rock, B260D BTO Bass, G12 Banshee, G12H H-Zog, G15-T Gnome, G15-TR Gnome, G45TR Revolution Bass, G90TR Revolution, G100 Deputy, G100PAR Rebel PA Mixer, G100TR Revolution III, G250D Sessionman, G250FTR Sessionman, G250PA Sessionman, G250TR Sessionman, GS100R Jammer, L90/B90 Rebel, L260D BTO, LB100 Rebel II, LB100FT Rebel Deluxe, LB100TR Rebel Reverb, LB190D Pro, LB200F Pro 200, M90 Mach 5, M100TR Mann, PA90/90R Rebel PA, PA190 Pro PA Mixer, PA260 BTO PA, PM-II PA Mixer, R90 Rebel, S90 Swinger, Goldentone, Models 1762/64/65/67, Gregory, Mark X, Gretsch, G-6144 Tube Reverb, G-6150 Compact, G-6151 Compact, G-6152 Compact Trem/Rev, G-6155, G-6156 Playboy, G-6157 Super Bass, G-6160 Chet Atkins C.G., G-6162 Dual Twin Reverb, G-6163 Executive Preamp, G-7157 Rogue, Guild, J-100, Master, Thunder T-1RVT, Hagstrom, 39, 210, 310, 614, 620, 630, 840, Harmony, H-200, H-303A, H-303B, H-304, H-304A, H-306, H-306A, H-310, H-311, H-322, H-400, H-400A, H-410, H-410A, H-415, H-420, H-440, H-430, H-506, Hohner, CA-200, Kingstar 20, Impact, Model-60 60w, Model-60 PA 60w, Model-60 Rev/Trem 60w, Model-100 100w, Model-100 PA 100w, Studio PA, Studio Reverb, Jordon, Model 120/140, JMF, Spectra 120 ,  Kalamazoo, Model-1, Model-2, Bass-30, Bass-50, Reverb-12 early, Reverb-12 later, Reverb-12 original, Model-600, Kay, K-500, K-505, K-506, K-515, K-520, K-550, K-610, K-700, K-703, K-703 2nd ver, K-703-C, K-703-C 2nd ver, K-704 Vanguard, K-704 2nd ver, K-720, K-750, K-771 (partial), K-803, K-805, K-820, K-H-830, Kent, 2198, 6605, 6610 Reverb, 6630, DR-19A, Lectrolab, R-200, R-300, R-400, R-500, R-600, London Electric, 250, Magnatone/Estey, M-8, M-10A, 26R (Unique by Laub), 107, 109, 110/112, 180, 213/214, 260A, 262, 410, 410RD, 415 Custom, 425, 440, 450, 460, 480/Custom 381, 1220, T-22, T-32, Masco, MAP-15, MAP-18, MAP-105, MAP-105N, MAP-120, MAP-120N, MU-17, National, 6422TR Westwood, Newcomb, Model 10, Nomad, Mustang 130, Oahu, 230k, Supreme, Tonemaster, Premier/Multivox, Model 50, Model 76, Model 88, Model 120, Model ? Guitar 1967, Model ? Bass 1975, B-160 Bass, SS-30, Twin 8, Rockola, Model B, Ray Massie, El Basso 363, Sano, Dual Channel 1959, 1962, 16 WR, 20 WR, 25 WR, 30/50 W, 30/50 WR, 30/50 WRT, 160 R, 250 R, B18 W, Selmer, All Purpose Compact SV 30w, All Purpose Twin 30w, Bassist Major 15w, Bassist Major 15w, Bassmaster 50w, Clavioline 1953, Clavioline 1968, Clavioline Concert TG, Clavioline Reverb TG, Constellation 20w, Corvette 6w, Corvette Tremolo 6w, Diplomat Reverb 15w, Futurama Bassist Minor, Futurama Caravelle 15w, Futurama Corvette 6w, Little Giant MK-I, Little Giant MK-III, Mercury 5w, SolidState Mercury 5w, SolidState Mercury Tremolo 5w, PA-100 SV 100w, PA-100 100w, PA-100 MK-II 100w, PA-100 Reverb 100w, Pro T12-T 8w, Rotary Selectortone 15w, Saturn 60, Selectortone Auto 25w, Selectortone Twin, Stadium 14 14w, Stadium TV19T 14w, Stereomaster 2x 50w, Thunderbird Twin 30w, Thunderbird Twin 50w, Thunderbird 100w, Treble/Bass MK-I 50w, Treble/Bass MK-II 50w, Treble/Bass MK-III, Treble/Bass SV 50w, Treble/Bass Reverb SV 50w, Treble/Bass SV 100w, Treble/Bass 100w, Selector Tone Twin, Triumph Reverb 10w, Truvoice Universal 8U, Truvoice Universal 12U, Truvoice Universal 25U, TV-6, TV-15, TV-20, Twin Bass 30w, Twin Lead 30w, Vanguard 15w, Zenith 50w, Zenith 100w, Zodiac MK-II 50w, Zodiac SV 50w, Zodiac SV 100w, Zodiac Twin 30w, Sho-Bud, Compactra-100, Single Channel, Silvertone, 1263, 1300, 1301, 1303, 1306, 1331, 1333, 1344, 1392, 1396, 1421, 1423, 1430, 1431, 1433, 1448, 1449, 1449/1457, 1471, 1472, 1474, 1481, 1482, 1482-a, 1483, 1484, 1485 ,  Solton, BV-60, BV-150, Sound City, Concord, LB-50 Plus, LB-100, LB-120, LB-120 Mk IV, LB-120 Mk IV Mods, LB-150, LB-200 Plus, PA-200R, SC-105, SMF-Tour, SC Noise Reduction, Standel, Acoustic Magnifier, Artist, Artist Reverb, Bass Amps (All), Custom Bass, Custom Guitar, FB-5 5-Band Graphic EQ, Imperial, PA-6 6-CH PA Mixer, PA Column, PB-100, PR-4 Mixer, MC2B Bass, MC2G Guitar, MC-6 6-CH Mixer, Studio Bass, Studio Guitar, Studio Reverb, Colored Expoxy Modules, Studio Master, Valve Lead Master, Sundown, A-50, Rebel 150, SD-1000H, SD-1012C, Supro, 1946, 1947, 1953, 1959, 1606, 1641, 1650, 1696TN Executive, Supreme, Thunder One Reverb, S6420 Thunderbolt, S6422TR Tremo-Verb, S6424, S6522TR, S6606, S6611, S6616, S6622, S6625, S6651, S6688, S6698, Teisco, Checkmate 18, Checkmate 20, Tel-Ray, Supernova, Torres (Dan), Super Texan Rev ST-6, Transatlantic, Bassman, Traynor, yba1 Bass Master, yba1 Bass Master MKII, yba1 Bass Master MKII Manual, yba2 Bass Master, yba2b Bass Master Manual, yba3 Custom Special, yba3 Custom Special Manual, yba3a Custom Special Manual, yba4 Bass Master, yba4 Bass Master Manual, yba5 Bass Master, yga1 Signature, ygl3 Mark III Manual, ygl3a Mark III Manual, ygl3/3a Mark III, ygm1 Guitarmate Reverb, ygm2 Guitarmate, ygm3 Guitar Mate, ygm3/4 Guitar Mate, ypm1 Poweramp, yrm1 Reverb Master, ysr1 Custom Reverb, yvm1 Voice Master, yvm2 Voicemate, yvm3 Voice Mixer, yvm4 Voice Mixer, yvm6 Voice Mixer, MX-6400 Voice Mixer, PS-600 Manual, Monoblock-II, TS-10, TS-15 Issue4, TS-15 Issue6, TS-50, TS-50B Bass, TS-60B Bass>, TS-100, TS-120B Bass Issue6, TS-125 Issue2, TS-200 Poweramp, Univox, 25w, Stage 720-K, Stage 740-P, Stage 750-B, U-1000, U-1011, U-1050 Bass, U-1061, U-1075, U-1086, U-1221, U-1226, U-1236, U-1246, U-150rx, U-250pb, U-255r, U-4100, U-45B, U-50, U-65RN, U-LM6, U-960 PA Column, U-960 PA Control, Valco, Aztec, 22, 507, 510-1b, 510-4, 510-24, 510-33, 510-54, 510-80, 510-121, 510-149, 1641, 6143, 6150, 6161, 6400, 6650TR, Watkins, Dominator, Dominator 20T, Dominator Bass MkI, Dominator MkIII, Joker 25w, Power Musette MkII, Westminster 10w, Westminster 1958, Westminster Red&Cream, WEM, BR30 Head 30w, Clubman SS, Custom 15, Dominator, ER15 Head 15w, FR30 Head 30w, PA SS 40w, PA SS 100w, Westminster MkIX 10w, Westbury, 250 Guitar, 255-110/115 Bass, 550 Guitar, 555 Bass, 1000 Guitar, 1000m Guitar, 1005 Guitar, 1005m, ,