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Vintage P.A. Tube Amp Conversion


Looking for a very special one of a kind, high    performance amp that no one else has?

Old public address (PA) tube amps can be modified with fantastic results for the guitar or harp player.  We have done conversions on brands such as Airline, Bell, Bogen, Challenger, Knight, Masco, Newcomb, and many others. Most have low to moderate power output between 5 and 40 watts.  

To maintain the mojo, the original outside look of the unit is retained as much as possible.  Inside we transform the circuitry, first by making the power supply rock solid and dead quiet, then based on the player’s input we build up an amplifier that utilizes many of the original & unique eight pin vacuum tubes.  The new design will incorporate any feature the musician wants.  Here are just a few of the upgrades that can be added: 

all tube effects loop

extra gain boost

remote foot switch

silicon and tube rectifier option

add a master volume control

install a new premium Mercuy output transformer

multiple speaker impedance output jacks or selector switch

change voicing for killer guitar or harp tone

cathode/fixed power tube bias option

adjustable fixed bias so you can use un-matched NOS output tubes

add a fat or brite switch  

increase clean headroom

boost the low-end response

install into a custom cabinet  

Bring us you garage sale trophy or select one from our large inventory.  The process starts with a free consultation to discuss your project and then we can determine the cost.  Only the finest quality components and we feature Groove Tubes and Mercuy Magnetics transformers.  Ultra rugged point-to-point construction used for most projects.  The Bogen HE10 located in the photo gallery is a great example of a finished conversion 

Note: Our warranty for this type of service is one full year for parts & labor except tubes and vintage transformers that are are covered for 30 days (and of course abuse related damage not covered).

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