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Tape Usage For Time-lapse Applications

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Head Cleaning Tapes

Use of head cleaning tapes should be limited to a "only as needed basis", when playback picture becomes snowy.    The Blackwatch head cleaning system by 3M is recommended, because it utilizes a dry technique and provides visual confirmation of improvement.    Using a head cleaning tape as a preventive maintenance tool will lead to accelerated video head wear, so use only if picture becomes degraded.

Video Heads

Video heads should last at least 8,000 hours, however actual head life is determined by:

1. Brand and grade of tape

2. Number of passes on each tape

3. Environment and amount of airborne contaminants in VCR operating area

4. Mechanical integrity of transport (inspect & service your VCR yearly)

A PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM is necessary to keep the recorder in optimum operating condition.    Most applications involve using the recorder 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.    With constant use, your choice of video tape and length of use becomes very important.    We suggest inspection every 4,000 hours and a complete overhaul every 8,000 - 13,000 hours to ensure your security system's integrity.

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